Murdered Soul Suspect Xbox One Review

Murdered Soul Suspect was released on multiple platforms on 6th June 2014 by Square Enix. Ronan O’Connor a police detective is following a murder suspect, when he is thrown out a window and shot. Take part in a different kind of gameplay, your adventure will begin and end as a ghost. Read the review here. Murdered_Soul_Suspect_Artwork_LogoMurdered Soul Suspect caught my interest due to the protagonist Ronan, being a ghost. What types of gameplay would be involved when playing a ghost? Not the standard, I was certain.

I would describe this game as being an investigation with a little action involved. I enjoyed the investigation side to this game. The player has to find a certain number of clues within crime scenes. Once all the clues have been gathered you then conclude the investigation. Albeit the conclusions were rather easy to determine, it makes the gameplay different to a lot of genres out at the moment. You can possess people to influence them to be able to see the information you need, you can also mindread to know what they are truly thinking (nothing rude, you hope). Airtight have made sneaky reference to other Square Enix games. I mindread one particular NPC who quoted “What was that game? The one with the girl in a tomb?”. A great way to advertise if you ask me.

The action side of Murdered Soul Suspect takes two different roles. The first is helping your co star Joy getting through rooms occupied by other people where she may get caught. To help Ronan can use poltergeist on particular objects, this distracts people’s attention and allows Joy to pass. I like how this wasn’t made too complicated, even though it was fairly easy, it still kept me interested.

The other side of the action I did not enjoy, one bit. Just as I thought I could enjoy this game, full of investigation and ghosts. A demon tries to consume my soul. These demons, are freaky looking. A little bit like ‘Dementors’ from ‘Harry Potter’ except orange and with teeth. The trick to defeating them is to get behind them and use an execute action. Now had this function actually worked better, this would have been fine. It does not. Several times being behind a demon, the execute option did not show. Other times when it did, a raven (used for a distraction) was nearby and the trigger I used to execute the demon, decided to activate the raven instead. I spent a couple of hours alone swearing at these particular scenes. It does not help that I am a bit of a chicken shit with scary stuff in games, or anything that makes me jump. So you can imagine my frustration as I use my courage to approach the demon and then the function I am supposed to use is not up to scratch. Not helpful! I spent a lot of time messing about before actually defeating the demons. If you think this is bad, you should see me with stuff like Resident Evil, you would probably laugh. A personal preference would be to have no demons in the game, and have more of the poltergeist and help the girl scenes instead. Things made me jump without the demons. Walking through a certain corridor in the game and all of a sudden a loud ghost train goes by in front of Ronan. If I needed the loo I would have peed a little at this point.

The whole game is eerie. Ghostly apparitions appearing behind you and disappear if you walk up to them. The music sets the tone to what kind of town and story this is. Here are some of my gaming clips. Please take note, there are no major ones as I do not want to give any of the clues away to any investigations or any of the story. The last clip of mine is a bug I found which I will go into shortly.

The story itself is very dark and has many murder cut scenes. So if you are not keen on this type of thing, it probably isn’t for you. The investigation itself and how it ends is very much like a serious ‘Scooby Doo’, but without the dog and the ‘Yoinks’. I guessed who the villain was towards the end. It is not a complete mystery to some.

The terrible bug that is in my clip, is a lady who I actually helped earlier to find peace (she went to heaven or whatever) and after completing another section of the story she suddenly reappeared. When trying to talk to her it does nothing. This ruins any kind of absorption you have into the story or game at this time. Just think, if it were a holodeck on the Starship Enterprise and you didn’t realise you were there, the facade has gone when this bug appears.

Murdered Soul Suspect is a different game to play. There are many notches to tweak and the fights with the demons were tedious. The storyline is dark and interesting. If you like investigation and games with an eerie feel, you may wish to give this a try. Be aware of the bugs.

Rating 6.5/10

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